Sunday, March 23, 2008

Relief Society Birthday Social

Today is Easter Sunday. Easter is pretty low key here in Hong Kong, you see a few Easter Eggs in shops, but not much else.

Beautiful decorations

As we got ready to go down from the office to our Sacrament meeting we met Sister Aki in the elevator and she said, "you have a visitor down on the first floor." So down we went to check it out. And there was a familiar face from home. Kent and Sherry Winder, what a surprise! Seems that this is their 35th Anniversary and they are on vacation. So they came to church with us, and then stayed for the Relief Society Birthday social.

Food preparations underway

The Birthday Social was, as everything the sisters do, a knock out. I gave them a script called "Emma’s Garden Party", and they took the script and ran with it. They had sisters play the parts of the general RS presidents, and then had the music and dances and characters for the time periods. The highlight for me was "Elvis", and Superman, oh yes and two sisters dressed up as pizza. They really know how to throw a party. They had sandwiches, veggies, chips, soda, and pop corn for desert. Interesting combination again! What a fun night, and such fun to see familiar faces from home.

Theme - Relief Society Presidents over the years

The Winders from Salt Lake loved the social

Christine preparing for program

Sister Apple dressed as Superman

Yes, even Elvis

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Mrs. Lay said...

Where did you get the pictures of the relief society presidents for your table? Did you have to print them off or are they available in church library?